Local Creative Communities

Collaborative Circles and Paradessential Poetics was a 2009 artistic / academic inquiry, that was made possible  by a University of Otago grant. Its objective was to evoke the role of creative communities in the paradoxical formation of a city brand and their impact on economic development.  It reflects on the musical Pages of Dunedin singer songwriter tour as an evolving  collaborative circle that emerged from the town’s ideosyncratic mental space. The inquiry includes new poetry from David Eggleton, Michael Harlow, Peter Olds and the researcher. It was presented various times to the local council with the purpose of accentuating the value of supporting  local creative community in chaotically embodying and intrinsically performing what the city means to creative people. It is the subject of an academic presentation at the European Advances in Consumer Research conference in London in July 2010 and will be published in EACR volume 9, edited by Pauline Maclaren, Alan Bradshaw and Chris Hackley.

For a more atmospheric impression of local collaborative circles, watch Casey Sharpe play the song Pages from Dunedin.  



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