recent poetic publications

Wijland, R. (forthcoming, 2011). Graceland: A found pantoum. Consumption, Markets & Culture, 15(2).

Wijland, R. (forthcoming, 2011). Anchors, mermaids, shower-curtain seaweeds & fish-shaped fish: The texture of poetic agency. Marketing Theory, 11(2).

Wijland, R. (forthcoming, 2011). Elegy of the Knee. Consumption, Markets & Culture, 15(1).

Wijland, R., & Gnoth, J. (2010). Advances in lyrical consumer research: Collaborative circles and paradessential poetics. In Maclaren, P., Bradshaw, A. & Hackley, C. (Eds.) European Advances in Consumer Research, Vol. 9. London, Association for Consumer Research.

Wijland, R. (2009). Sea bass from Texas: Notes from the material poetics project at the San Francisco waste dump. Journal of Consumer Behaviour, 8(6), 376-380. 

Wijland, R., & Fell, C. (2009). Critical brand poetics: ″From The M at the End of the Earth″. Journal of Marketing Management, 25(7-8), 745-761.







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