Tusiata Avia


Nafanua and The New World

Nafanua’s old schoolmates planned to rob the New World, they sat at the tops of trees

and planned: darkness, cigarettes, beer

She said You’ll never pull it off.

They didn’t.


Nafanua from nowhere driving out into the world as far away from Aranui as she can go

Nafanua from Pulotu driving out into the world and all the things that make her

beautiful spin away like hubcaps


When her long dead children ask her, Nafanua, mother, what did you do with our lives?

She will answer, Babies, I tucked you away so you would never be lost or hurt or boiled

down for hubcap manufacture. I wrapped each one of you and put you in the sea and you

learned to be red orange blue.


When old people say to her, Nafanua, daughter, did we hurt you so bad? She will say

I will not bow as I pass, you are dead, your legs are strong enough. Go catch the bus.


She does not think of her old schoolfriends

She does not think of her family

Nafanua on the other side of the world climbing into her Triumph

she covers the mirrors, pulls out the choke and roars off into the Va.




































































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